Socket Pocket with one 3" Hook

$249.99 $299.99

The Premier All-In-One Pole Framing Solution has six magnetic angled socket holders capable of holding all sockets up to 1 1/8" even Klein and Milwaukee combo sockets.  Anyone can access their sockets with their primary gloves. Equipped with two dowels, two augur bit holders, and a large hook for your money gun or mechanical drills. Additionally the central magnets allow for quick access to any small parts or tools you may need. 

  • Fits combo sockets for both Klein and Milwaukee, including the transmission nut runner
  • Made from the same proprietary polymer as the Big Rack
  • Comes with one 3" HD Bucket Hook a $16 Value
  • 2 Dowels
  • 6 Magnetic Socket Holders
  • Glove Friendly
  • 2 Augur Bit Holders
  • 1 Large Built-In Hook for Impact Gun
  • 8 Industrial Magnets on Faceplate for quick access to small parts
  • UV Protectant


  • Always follow manufacturers guidelines on Elevated Work Platforms Load Ratings

  • Only use for Interior Placement of tools and accessories

  • Always remove product before transport

Customer Reviews

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Love it

Dan Armstrong
Socket pocket

Hey! Love the idea of the socket pocket, it’s an awesome place to store drill bits/drift pins/ sockets/etc. I believe my buddy reached out to you guys on Instagram, I modified mine a little bit to stop it from swinging so much since it’s only on one hook. Works out great now, it’s nice and compact so My harness doesn’t get hooked on it. The only things I would suggest are to add another anchor point so it doesn’t swing when booming around, and, maybe raise the hook for the 7/16 impact so you don’t have to reach down as far in the gloves and sleeves. I can send you a picture of my setup so you can see what I’m talking about if You’d like. Other than that, happy with it! Thanks!

Chandler Fivecoate

Awesome product!

Michael Cantrell
Socket pocket

Honestly a great product, it replaced three different bucket attachments. So more bucket room is great. Haven't lost anything off from the magnets pr socket placement. Really loving the product. Thank you guys for making this thing.

Jamie Robinson
Jamie Robinson Journeyman Lineman

Love this product I’ve had it little while now. And my sockets never bounce out love the magnet for flat washers