About Us


Line Work Bucket Products is built on three main objectives: safety, efficiency, and productivity. Every product offered through our company is designed, sold, and distributed with the idea that overhead work can be done safer. Each item brings a unique way of making jobs more efficient.

Our company offers beneficial advantages to the traditional products currently available. Our product line offers new and creative items that give aerial construction companies statistical and immeasurable profits that are not typically considered.


Our products promote safety and reduce potential hazards that come with overhead construction, particularly aerial bucket work. There is no other substitution or priority that supersedes the safety and wellbeing of a company’s work force. Every day, skilled workers encounter countless hazards, both known and unknown, that are mitigated through a variety of training, safety products and procedures. We offer a variety of products that help increase focus by eliminating distractions and making the work zone safer for both the worker and the public.


Our products provide efficiency, functionality, and purpose. Our products are designed by experienced lineman and aerial construction workers, which can be realized when the products are used. We have completed an in-depth analysis into potential hazards and unintentional and unsafe acts. Our products help to mitigate aerial bucket work safety procedures that are otherwise assumed a normal hazard.


Our products offer optimal productivity with unintentional purpose to be profitable. By reducing the smallest of safety hazards and increasing workplace efficiency, productivity ultimately increases. This leads to higher profit margins and more competitive bids. If a product can offer even the smallest of marginal improvements in work force productivity than the investment is worth the purchase.

Line Work Bucket Products gives you the edge needed to be safer, more efficient, and ultimately more productive. Our product line offers simple solutions to a complex and competitive field of work.

Our products will give you the edge you need, so make the right decision and choose Line Work Bucket Products.