Jun 14, 2024 • Posted by Derrik

I just got the magnet for the big rack and it is one tough magnet! The third product I’ve got from this company and every single one of them the big rack the sock pocket and their blanket hooks are the best tools for journeyman lineman. Highly recommend all their products are solid as a rock. I’m getting ready to get the cupholder for Father’s Day. Can’t wait.

Apr 09, 2024 • Posted by Michael

We seen this company at a rodeo and met the owners. They stand behind their products and go above and beyond! All their products are excellent! Specially the calendar

Apr 03, 2024 • Posted by Sean

this company is the newest star in the lineman tool industry. I have almost all their products, and they are as durable and hard-core as you can get. No warranty needed. Seems like they read my mind with some of the stuff they come out with… Socket Pocket, is a lifesaver specially, for a troubleshooter like me. I had one thing to take up in my bucket I would choose it. Can’t wait to see what the future brings. They’re making waves in the industry and I would say they’re the best new company for lineman tools. Believe that!

Mar 29, 2024 • Posted by Tom

I seen one review it said God’s gift to line Work I would have to agree with that. Their big rack blows the competition out of the water. Their socket pocket replaces like five of Kleins items in half the space and price. We appreciate it fellas. Keep them coming I want to see those new products.

Mar 29, 2024 • Posted by Mfjl

I usually don’t do this, but this company deserves some credit. They keep coming out with banging products to make our job and life much easier than it used to be for you young bucks out there don’t make mistake of waiting to get their products. They are all one of a kind and designed by an actua lineman.

Feb 26, 2024 • Posted by Duke

New Products Coded at Duke Energy for Lineman
Maximo #’s below
3" 100LB WLL Bucket Hooks 1624673
Big Rack-Bucket Tool Organizer (includes 2 – 3" Hooks)1624674
Tool Lanyard with Brass Hook fits 4 O/T 1624675
Blanket Hook 100lb WLL 1624697
Socket Pocket (includes 1 – 3" Hook) 1624701
Tool Apron (includes 2 – 3" Hooks) | 1624968

Feb 26, 2024 • Posted by Terry

It’s amazing to see a lineman owned company that is actually looking out for the guys in the field! This product that they have been coming out with has been great and I hope they keep it up

Feb 26, 2024 • Posted by Sean Ingram

We are blessed here at my co-op. We met the owners at a show in Illinois and their products are the real deal. They make our job easier and they are almost indestructible. if you don’t have them you are liveing in the past? Their products are equivalent to – going from the VCR to the DVR… keep bringing it fellas!

Feb 20, 2024 • Posted by Brian Wills

It’s obvious this company has a real line,a with experience creating and designing their products. I have their whole bucket setup and I have to say they are all homeruns..The Big rack started it off and everything since has been on the same level…excellent. Keep up the good work. Keep bringing those new items to us we appreciate it.

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