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Big Rack Bucket Tool Organizer

$145.00 $169.99

Mantenha uma área de trabalho organizada e eficiente em seus dispositivos aéreos com este organizador de ferramentas durável, forte e classificado para clima extremo. Os ganchos angulares extra grandes oferecem mais espaço e acesso rápido às suas ferramentas e equipamentos. Tornando isso uma ferramenta obrigatória para qualquer atacante produtivo!

  • Inclui dois ganchos de 3 polegadas
  • Aumenta a eficiência
  • Aumenta a segurança
  • Item único com patente pendente
  • Feito de polipropileno durável (PP) + UV
  • Limite total de carga de trabalho 325lbs (65lbs por gancho)
  • Duas alças para acesso rápido a martelos, chaves ou adaptadores
  • Dimensões do rack: 19,5" L x 4,5" A x 11/16" W
  • Ganchos de rack: 2" L 
  • Loops de rack: 1,75" de diâmetro interno
  • Garantia limitada de um (1) ano
  • Patente pendente
  • Número do item: 1007

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Jeremy Henderson

Wow! It is amazing how flat all of the tools that I have on it lay! So far I love it!

Brian Schneider
Love this!

I’ve been showing this to all my lineman friends…a bunch already have it and love it. The rest all want one. It’s a great product.

Jeremy M Dicks

I like this one better, I’d rather hang my snaps on the hooks rather than snap a Carabiner in the hole especially in my gloves and sleeves

Best thing I’ve ever bought!

First impression is that this thing is really made solid! We all know how aggravating it is to have to pick all of your tools up at the bottom of the bucket after they jump off of the regular bucket hooks, this eliminates that! Also it will make your bucket feel way more roomy on the inside with the better organization. Definitely worth the money if you are serious about this job!

Don Harvey
Bad Ass

This holder is bad ass !! Top notch !! Glad I went with this one !! I got the Cadillac of buckets now !!